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While Elon Musk continues to try to kill Twitter – sorry, it’s X now, isn’t it – Lotus’ execs and marketing gurus saw it and clearly said “hey Elon! Hold my beer!”

Yes, they have foolishly tossed aside their faithful fans and customers in favour of the feckless “influencers”, you know, the vacuous nonentities that do nothing and expect to be paid for it with a misplaced sense of entitlement that only so-called social media brings.

It started with a horrendous post by Lotus Cars on Instagram, of course:

“The Stars aligned last night for our new Lotus London Mayfair launch! ✨

#ForTheDrivers #LotusLondon “

Of course, hardly anyone over 30 years old with an actual life knew who any of these “Stars” actually were, but hey! Lotus clearly don’t want our sort of money anymore.  After all, according to an email I received today, it’s a new era:

“Lotus is in a new era.

“We are on a transformative journey from an iconic British sports car company to a global luxury lifestyle brand. As part of this journey, we are excited to announce that our first major European flagship store on London’s Piccadilly is now open.”

[Emphasis added]

No longer a sports car company, it’s now intended to be a lifestyle brand.

So long then, Lotus, it’s been … emotional.

And as for that noise you can hear? That’s Colin Chapman spinning in his grave with enough revolutions to power the Hethel factory.

Maybe Lotus’ 200+ job cuts could start with their marketing department?